16 Reasons why user generated content is king

11 November

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One of the most often used–and rarely understood–terms of the online era is Content Marketing. Content to attract and engage an audience, instead of pushing a message.

Millennials and digital natives want to be interacted with and sold to on their own terms–Content Marketing is the most efficient and straightforward way to do this.

The basic concept of Content Marketing is to rely on User Generated Content (UGC) to determine what the most interesting and popular online narratives are, and use that content as the basis of your outreach.

There are many reasons why a content-based marketing strategy is so important to reach a complex and ever-changing online audience, below we have provided a few.

1. Connects More Closely With Users: Because users are so involved in the promotion and dissemination of the content–through Facebook likes/share, retweets, links, etc.–they connect more with the message.

2. Puts The Audience at the Center of Attention: By relying on UGC to engage users, Content Marketing reflects the desires and preferences of these very same users.

3. Produces a Relevant Message: Content that is shared a lot shows up more on searches. Because of this basic reality of the internet, a Content Based marketing strategy helps to bolster Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

4. Markets Directly to Millennials:  30% of content consumed by Millennials on a daily basis is UGC. 68% of Millennials are somewhat likely to make a purchase after seeing a friend’s post. Because Content Marketing relies on UGC, it is more likely to engage this group.

5. Makes Memorable Content: The online audience is accustomed to advertisement saturation–on television, online and in day-to-day life. They are more likely to ignore traditional marketing strategies. Content Marketing avoids this pitfall because it connects to personal narratives, as opposed to a corporate image.

6. Produces Trustworthy Content: With more sources of information in the world than ever before, a reputation for truth telling is more important than ever. Because users tend to trust one another more than external sources of information, UGC tends to be considered more trustworthy, and thus, Content Marketing is more effective at convincing the skeptical.

7. Builds A Community: The creation and sharing of content automatically creates a communal structure through which firms can engage and reach and audience.

8. Transcends Brand: Employing a Content Marketing strategy means that you always know what your audience is interested in. Instead of tweaking your brand internally to try and convey the right message, your audience tells you what it wants in a brand.

9. Taps an Ever Growing Audience: The growth and spread of the internet to new markets means that a good Content Marketing campaign will always have an expanding potential audience.

10. Helps To Tweak Your Brand: Traditional marketing campaigns focus on trying to influence and anticipate tastes through branding and outreach. Content Marketing eliminates this need because users tell you what they want to see.

11. Takes Advantage of The Structure of The Internet: Sometimes called the ‘memification’ or ‘Redditification’ of the internet, the web has grown ever more friendly to platforms that are UGC based. Because Content Marketing relies heavily on UGC, this strategy is uniquely equipped to market in this new online environment.

12. Creates a Self-Selecting Audience: Rather than relying on market research or limited analyses, a Content Marketing campaign helps to determine a potential market for you, as users self-select through shares and likes, indicating their interest unambiguously.

13. Reduces Time Spent Creating Content: By ensuring that topics and subject already have an audience, UGC is more likely to reach a broader audience. This means a Content Marketing strategy garnishes more interest from fewer posts than a traditional campaign.

14. Creates a Subtler, More Effective Message: As mentioned already, Millennials are used to being sold to. To them, a traditional sales pitch is at best unengaging, at worst, off putting. By using user opinions as a barometer for messaging, a Content Marketing strategy takes advantage of current preferences, instead of trying to changes minds.

15. Creates a Dialogue: Traditionally, organizations engaged in large ad campaigns to reach their target markets–with consumers only able to respond through the binary of buying or not buying. A great Content Marketing campaign initiates a complex dialogue between users and marketers, allowing the message to be more effectively tailored and delivered.

16. Content Marketing Is Fun: Traditional marketing campaigns involve scrupulous planning, message discipline and image control. Because they rely on UGC, Content Marketing campaigns grow and evolve in a more playful, organic and fluid way, that is more interesting and engaging for the audience.

For these reasons and so many more, Content Marketing and UGC will continue to reshape the online marketplace–brands that wish to spread an effective message must embrace this reality. To learn more about Content Marketing and UGC, visit us at goodblogs.com.

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