16 May

GoodBlogs helps you grow content, increase traffic, and get attention. We call it smart.

GoodBlogs is a patent pending community blogging software that combines the innovation of crowd-sourced content with the power of content marketing.

We set up a GoodBlog relevant to your target market, and you watch members contribute new content — day after day. Independent bloggers compete to have their original posts voted to the homepage. You only pay for a fraction of the posts, but receive organic and social media traffic from all the posts.

The result is a niche blog that grows on its own, without a large time commitment from you.  You get all the benefits of content marketing — content that search engines love and customers want — without hiring your own staff.

Your GoodBlog will be completely wrapped in your brand, thus exposing your product or service to a supremely targeted audience who’s very presence on the site is an indication that they’re interested in exactly what you have to offer. It’s beautiful!

How GoodBlogs works.

  1. We launch a niche GoodBlog relevant to your target market.
  2. Independent bloggers submit original posts to your GoodBlog.
  3. Site members vote on their favorite new posts.
  4. The day’s most popular posts get automatically promoted to the homepage, and those post’s authors get paid.
  5. Your content, site traffic and social media attention grow.