Common Questions

The following covers approximately 90% of all the questions we get about the GoodBlogs platform.

Where do the writers for my GoodBlog come from?

Great question.

The short answer: We handle all the recruitment of targeted bloggers.  Once a contract is signed, we drive traffic to a landing page for interested bloggers. The average client launches with between 125 – 150 bloggers already signed up to blog for their site.

The long answer:  We recruit bloggers three ways.

  1. We hit our own large internal list of bloggers who are interested in blogging under our model.
  2. We place paid “Blogger Wanted” ads on sites that we know drive a lot of blogger registrations.
  3. We find online communities where the target market for the blog hang out and recruit bloggers through them.

If a client has an internal list, we can also hit that if they’re willing (to add even more fuel to the fire).

Am I able to control what content appears on my site?

Definitely. You have full control. You can edit or delete any article as you see fit.

Alternatively, we can switch on “Moderation Mode” in which every article submitted has to be approved by you first. If you go this route, you can also “white list” any blogger you wish. Their posts will then skip the manual approval step (you’ll still retain full ability to edit or delete these posts as well).

Can you explain why the fees are worthwhile rather than simply
directly hiring bloggers?

You bet, there are actually four reasons:

  1. Crowd-sourced content is far more dynamic and diverse than traditionally sourced content. There’s no way three or four writers can out-write three or four hundred. If you just hire a handful of writers, they’re guessing what your target market is interested in reading about. With crowd-sourced content there is no guessing because the target market are the ones doing the writing!

  2. It is less expensive, even factoring in our fees, than hiring writers directly. You only pay for posts that get promoted, so if three articles are submitted and one of those gets promoted, then the other two are free!

  3. Not only do the bloggers create and submit content for you, they also promote it for you as well. Bloggers only get paid if their post makes it to Top Posts, as such they have a direct interest in promoting their articles far and wide.

    The more attention it receives, the more likely they are to get paid, so they share it on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest, link to it on subreddits, link to it from their own blogs, reach out to other blogs and ask them to link to it and much, much more.

    If you hire writers directly, they provide you with the content and that’s it. With GoodBlogs, they not only submit the content, the promote it for you as well!

  4. With the GoodBlogs platform you’re not just getting content and promotion, you’re also getting community and conversion management as well. Your blog gets an expert Community Manager who manages relationships with the bloggers. We have an in-house Conversion Manager with a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics whose primary task is to find the most effective ways to convert your targeted GoodBlogs traffic into leads and customers.

    It’s through these efforts that clients like Featherlite trailers are able to use their GoodBlog to generate 562.5% more e-mail leads then they receive from their own corporate site. We’re constantly working to improve the platform and make it more and more effective for our customers. Definitely not something you get when you just hire writers directly.

Still Have Questions?

These are just our most commonly asked questions.  We’re more than happy to answer any additional questions you might have. Email to get in touch with us.